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Philadelphia's new warrant court. What are chances I spend time in jail based upon the facts listed below? Thanks!

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I have a 2 year old warrant from a DUI. I had previously missed a court date and was released ROR. I had an attorney but the DA didn't realize it and offered me ARD (prior to court actually starting) . I said I have an attorney and he said none was listed. My attorney came in and accepted ARD but I had recently been laid off and couldn't pay him so i got a new court date. At the time I was trying to save my house from foreclosure. I also live out of state and have no prior convictions of any sort and none since. I just want to get this out of the way but am concerned about the new warrant court. I have not since contacted the attorney but will if need be. I fully expect bail (I'm thinking $500) but based upon the facts, does anyone have any thoughts on possible jail time? Thank you!

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If you had an attorney on your case, you should speak only to that attorney. That person is likely still the attorney of record and it would be unethical for another attorney to advise you. You should contact them as soon as possible.


Under the new system, if you are picked up or turn yourself in, you must go before a judge. In the event you do not have a legitimate basis for not appearing, the judge has been sending people to jail and even holding them in contempt. It is suggested that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in Philadelphia before you are picked up or turn yourself in.


I have seen multiple individuals found in contempt in the new bench warrant court. Some recieve a very long period (30 days) others recieve only a weekend. What is a constant is that if you turn youself in, as opposed to being picked up on the street, you have a better chance of leniancy.