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Petty theft in Texas, no previous offenses, kleptomania, help?

Fort Worth, TX |

I'm a 15 year old sophomore with kleptomania, and though I thought I was over that yesterday I stole an iPad mini. It was personal property, and iPad minis are like $200 so I'm pretty sure it qualifies as petty theft. As of yet I have not been caught though I am debating whether or not to return it or leave it where the owner will find it. If I'm caught, what will my charges be? I've stolen before, but I wasn't caught, and it was from stores. If it helps I'm female, have reasonably good grades, in national honor society etc., etc., I'm considered a "generally good kid". Advice?

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You need to get counseling relating to your compulsivity. It is a misdemeanor theft case. If you know who you stole it from I would return it.

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