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Petty theft citation?

Elk Grove, CA |

i got coaght shoplifting a couple hundred dollars of mechindise from kohl a few weeks ago,it was my first time doing any thing like this and my last time, i wasnt arrested the store peple made me return it then had me sigh sum papers took my picture then sent me home.
today i got a pc484 petty theft citation says i have to appear in court whats gonna happen becuz of this?
im 19 and working on joining the marines now, is this going to mess up my future?

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This could be very bad for your chances on getting into the Marines. Theft is what is called a 'moral turpitude' crime and courts see it as impacting your character and ability to tell the truth. I'd suggest finding an attorney in your area to help get out from under the charge. Perhaps plead it down to a trespass..

Good luck!

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You punishment depends on many things such as your record and weather you can get the charge reduced or you an divert on it which would result in a dismissal. Any conviction could delay or prevent your induction into the Marine Corps. You need an attorney.


Theft, even misdemeanor petit theft, is considered a crime of moral turpitude. It suggests to people that you are not trustworthy, even for a brief lapse in judgment. You must hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable about how to defend your case or negotiate something with the state that will preserve your career options.

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Mess up your future--only if you let it--it the big picture, its a bump in the road.

Make you ineligible to join the Marine Corps--yes.

Once your case is adjudicated, have a chat with the USMC recruiters--they will know better than any of us, if your final outcome is waiveralbe--but as a general rule, you can expect that as of now, you are not eligible to join.

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Philip Douglas Cave

Philip Douglas Cave


The military is down-sizing. The Marines have the most strict enlistment standards of all of the services.