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Petitioned for Child Support and paternity test for daughter that is now 6. Mother now lives in Germany. How do I get rights?

Dupo, IL |

I went to Air Force Tech school in 2001 (I was 18). I dated a girl there at the time for several months. She moved to Utah for active duty station, I moved to St. Louis area. Long story short, 6 years later I get request for paternity and child support through IL courts. Paternity is positive match and I pay 20% of my net income which is almost $1K a month. I'd like rights to get to know my daughter who doesn't know I exist but the mother apparently filed the case against me from Utah courts just before she moved to her new Duty Station in Germany. Now I am paying support and I have no clue if it's even possible to take her to court for rights to see my child who is now 7 years old. Is there anything I can do while she's over seas on Active Military Duty? Please let me know.

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Talk to your JAG. You have the right to see your daughter, whether or not you're paying for support. You said she filed in Illinois courts, but then you said she filed in Utah courts. You're going to need an attorney.