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Petit Theft - What are the legal ramifications and will this be seen on a background check? Will this appear on my policerecord?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I was caught stealing from Publix in Fort Lauderdale Florida, my DL was copied and my picture taken with the item ($16.00), LP told me they will give me break and did not have the cops arrest me. I was told a civil suit would be brought against me for either 5 x times the item or $250.00. I was not given an NTA, nor were the cops there.

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They are too busy to spend time in court with you. Since there was no arrest, there is no record. If the civil demand letter is from an out of state law firm, you can ignore that too.

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If you were told the truth and the information is not forwarded to the State, you will have no record. The civil remedy is pursuant to statute. The store may choose to pusue the criminal charge if the civil suit is ignored. In either case, if you need additional assistance feel free to contact me for a free consult.

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Mark Nickolas Longwell

Mark Nickolas Longwell


You can have an attorney check with the State to make sure a non-arrest case isn't filtering through the system.


You got lucky. Hopefully a lesson learned.

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