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Personal Representative payment for bring on law suit?

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how much should a personal Representative get Paid for bring on a successful law suit on behalf of the the estate that could last 3-4 years how to calculate payment for going to deposition, court, law office, and other stuff to prepare case, is this difference from the percentage paid for handing the Estate

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The percentage fee is for "ordinary" services by the personal representative for administering the estate. Suing or defending in a law suit is not considered to be "ordinary" services and the law allows for the personal representative to be compensated an additional fees for such "extraordinary" services. The fees for "extraordinary" services must be reasonable and are typically charged at an hourly rate.


There are a lot of factors to consider, but generally a PR is entitled to "reasonable" compensation, which is typically an hourly rate applicable to the circumstances, and applied to the time expended. You should discuss this with your probate attorney, or hire one if you are pro se. You could also discuss compensation arrangements with the beneficiaries of the estate to avoid a later dispute. Good luck.

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