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Personal possessions of a parent.

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If a parent moves out of a home and into a retirement home to live, and leaves the bulk of their possessions with an adult child, do the possessions left with the child become their legal property? So, if the parent dies, are the possessions they took with them to the retirement home then considered their estates only personal possessions?

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Assuming the property was not abandoned, and it doesn't sound like it was, it still remains the possession of the parent. The same holds true for any other property that the parent owned prior to going to the retirement home, it still is part of their estate upon their death. You might want to discuss this with an attorney who specializes in probate and estate law. Most attorneys will give a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Good luck.

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This is a question that should be posed in a forum for Trust and Estate Attorneys, it has no relevance to Criminal Law.

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This really is not a criminal defense question. However that being said NO their property is still their property. You do not have to have all your worldly possessions within arms length when you die. I find it sad that the poor parents are not even cold in the grave and their dirt bag kids are fighting over the remains.
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Not a criminal defense question unless you make the foolish choice to act like that is your property.

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