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Personal injury Semi vs Pick up truck

Lanesville, IN |

Was hit by semi. Deamed semi fault. Damage to our pick up and I went to ER later for brusing to collar bone, and sore neck/shoulder. Not able to repair with new parts or it would total the value. Got estimates from 3 places for repairs on truck using used/ salvage parts. Submitted pictures, estimates ect to their insurance, now they are nickle and dimeing us. Things like not offering a rental, decreased lowest estimate by $200, just bad communication No serious injuries, just brusised up and sore. Son 7 and husband were both fine. What does the insurance company HAVE to give us or can they nickle and dime us.

This realy has to do with both the medical and the truck. If they can decrease our estimate for the truck repair what rights do we have for renting a truck while ours is fixed, and what about my ER bill. Can they shave money off that as well and leave us stuck. Do we have any rights at this point.

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Insurance companies will try to push and take every inch. You are legally entitled to have all damages compensated. If you are working with a lawyer for your injuries, they ought to help you negotiate the property damage as well. The insurer is betting you wont take them to court. et them know that you will.


Insurance companies typically try to nickle & dime victims of car accidents. They know in a small damage case that victims will not be able to retain an attorney and they use this as a bargaining chip.

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Good luck


As David and Guy indicate, insurance companies will try to save money everywhere they can. They may act like a "good neighbor" or tell you that you are "in good hands", but this is marketing, not truth. In truth, the insurance company is your adversary in pursuing a claim or a lawsuit; they are the enemy.. My strong advice is that the only step that you can take to even the odds and put some expertise on your side is to retain an Indiana attorney who specializes in these types of cases. You can find one in Indiana by search this site, calling the Indiana Association for Justice, or, my company, Lawsuit Financial, has a free attorney referral service feature on its website, located at However you decide to find one, I strongly urge you to retain a lawyer and battle the insurance company on even terms. I would also urge you to reconsider making statements like "just bruised up and sore" and "son and husband were botrh fine". Injuries can sometimes manifest themselves later on and you will be caught on record saying you were "fine". This could lead an insurance company, judge or jury to believe that your medical issues are unrelated to the accident, even when they were. Until you are sure that you and your family are "fine", stop saying it.

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