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Personal Bank Account Data ...... I have reprints of statements but I need to look more closely ...Subpoena

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I can not prove that there was fraudulent or suspicious activity on my accounts held at Bank of America. Nobody takes me serious when I mention embezzlement or that someone within the bank was taking money and hiding records. I thought it was ID theft but there were no new accounts or cards opened, I simply was not receiving statements or notices about activity on accounts that would delay any response and thus stretching the bank policy of "60 days to report errors".
So how can I get the bank to hand over all documents and records pertaining to the history of my personal accounts?

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If you are seeking to obtain copies of YOUR OWN account history from B of A, simply start with going on-line (assuming you have on-line access) and re-print copies of all your account statements. B of A normally will have 6 months of prior statements available on-line. Second, if you are aware of specific charges that you did NOT make, and then dispute each of those transactions.

BUT, make sure that you are also NOT confusing monthly bank "charges" and/or service fees (i.e.: monthly account fee, other ATM use fee, etc.) with the amounts in dispute. Bottom line is that the bank has a 100% "zero fraud" protection; so any charges that were made by someone else you will receive 100% reimbursement upon dispute/proof of the same...Good luck!

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