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Permanent Resident wanting to have legal alias / change name for use in the US only

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I am a Permanent Resident of the US. I would like to change my legal name, but this might not be the right option since I am still a Citizen of another country and would probably be better to keep everything as is for the other country. I would like to be able to use a new legal name for everything in the US though. It might have been easier if I were a US Citizen, I could just totally change my name legal. I would like to see whether there is an option such as legal alias that I could use for all US related paperwork. Could you give me some advice as to what I could do and how? Thank you in advance.

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You should check at the local district court as the process to change your name is relatively easy if it is not done for fraudulent purposes. Then, you can show this certificate when you apply for citizenship.



Hello, I like your comment. This is the first time I see such a helpful advice about changing permanent residents' name legal in the U.S. I would love if you could give further details as to the following: In case the court approved the name change, can the permanent resident change all his legal U.S. document based on the court order? If so, one of the things he will be able to change is his Green Card which is issued by the USCIS. Also, How does the name change affect the person's children? Can he change their names based on his name change court order? Thanks very much for your valuable advice.

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