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Pennsylvania, Can I legally terminate a lease without a penalty?

Harrisburg, PA |

Signed a one year lease for renting a room. The lessor does not actually own the mortgage on the house but is rather the daughter of the owner of the mortgage, whom is not listed on the lease. There was a provision written into the lease stating "may terminate lease early with a notice of at least 30 days". Note this is not preceded by "tenant"(tenant is inferred) but is listed in the "other terms" section. Since she does not own the property , is the lease binding. Additionally, the early termination clause does not state a penalty, but does a blanket law exist in PA that she can use. Further, the lease does not state that I would be renting a room but rather the entire property at the residential address. Can a legally terminate the lease early without penalty? Thank you

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If she has authority to rent the premises from the owner it would be binding. From the facts you give, it sounds as though you can terminate by giving 30 days notice. Be sure you have somewhere to go on the 30th day.

Clifford L. Tuttle, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Pittsburgh, PA

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Thanks for the input, of course I will seek a in person review of the lease before proceeding. Just one additional question, there is a misprint in the lease stating that it will commence on June 2012 and end on May 2012(obviously it was supposed to read June 2011 to May 2012), does this give me an edge if they contest the early termination. Thanks again.