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Pending I485 Interview

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We had our I485 interview last week. It is adjustment of status of visa overstay foreign national married to US Citizen.

The interview was generally fine. At the end, the interviewing officer said "you should get your card soon." In response we asked whether we were approved and he said "I don't see any reason why not." But then as we were preparing to leave his office he said " I still have not made my decision." And then when we gave him the I94, he said "I dont need that at this time. Maybe another time."

Our lawyer also agreed that the I94 comment was a bit peculiar. Can anyone here comment on legal implications of needing I94 in the future? Can that be a reference to follow-up Stokes interview or Naturalization Interview?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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It's possible that the officer was comfortable with the information provided in the application and that if he or she needs more information (like the I-94) that they will issue a request for additional evidence. From what you wrote above, it sounds like the officer was feeling generally good about the case, but not yet ready to issue a decision without fully reviewing the file. I agree with my colleague to wait and see if you receive a decision or any requests in the mail.

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Your and your attorney's guesses on this one will be as good as ours here. Wait and see. USCIS has 90 days after an interview during which to render a decision.

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Why would you seek advice from attorneys who know absolutely nothing about your case when you have an attorney who knows your case?

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just wait and see. I-94 is typically kept but not always. It also could have been a figure of speech

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