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Pending I-485 and changing the address ..

Arlington, VA |

I've filed my I-485 under Employment Based category last week and for some emergency situation, I had to move out of state for couple of months from VA to IL. I will be receiving a receipt notice from USCIS anytime soon and wondering if I could change the address. I don't feel comfortable with my roommates where I will be receiving mails from USCIS and I wanted to know if I should open a P.O Box in VA . That way I can get all my mails from USCIS directly to my P.O Box ? Any words on this would be much appreciated.

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The general rule is that USCIS will not deliver to P.O.Boxes. Proceed at your own risk. Best practice will be to pay some more money and get a real street address with a "suite" number or a "number", period.

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And notify the CIS of the address change.


Hopefully you had a lawyer help and he/she can use his/her address for you.

Hopefully you, or your lawyer, filed a G-1145 ... with the receipt number you received by e-mail you can call CIS.

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I agree. USCIS generally will not deliver to PO Box addresses. Use an attorney address, or a different address of someone you trust. But yes, you can file a change of address.

Just be careful because we have seen a lot of mail related issues and it's usually because Post Office and USCIS are very strict and particular about delivery of mail. If there's even a small issue, it will not be delivered.

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I agree with the other attorneys that P.O boxes are a bad idea. I would also add that if you are going to do a change of address, consider using the online change of address option on website. It allows you to do a general change of address and then do one for each form you have pending using the receipt numbers (like I-485, I-765, I-131 etc....) and more importantly gives you a confirmation number of each change of address you have done.

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