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Penalty of leaving the scene?

Augusta, GA |

i was on a dirt road and flipped my car. i was the only car involved in the accident. no one was in the car with me. i left the scene intending to return in the morning to get it towed away but upon arrival i was notified that my car was towed away by the police.

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Georgia's hit-and-run statute and the penalties for leaving the scene of an accident are intended to penalize and punish drivers who injure or kill someone else or damage someone else's vehicle (which was being driven or attended at the time) and then flee in an effort to evade liability. You obviously did not injure or kill anyone and no other vehicle was involved in your one-car accident. You are only required to remain at the scene while you give your name and address, show your driver's license (if asked), and render aid (if needed) to the other person(s) involved in the accident. There were no such persons in your case, so you were within your rights to leave the scene. You should notify your automobile insurance company of the accident immediately, however, if you have not already done so (if you will be making any claim under your policy).


The above response is not legal advice, does not create an attorney-client relationship, and is intended to provide general information only based solely upon the limited information provided by the questioner (the response could differ if pertinent information was omitted from the question).

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