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Penalty for 39:3-29c in Metuchen NJ

Metuchen, NJ |

I have valid Insurance, which got renewed on June 22 and forgot to have the card in the car on June 26. Got a ticket 39:3-29c in Metuchen court, NJ.
The website indicates Zero fine, but has asked for court apperance.

My 15 yr record is clean with no tickets whatsoever.

Am I looking for some fine ? if yes, how much ?
Do I need a lawyer to represent me in court ?

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You do not need a lawyer. Any fee will be greater than the fine. 39:3-29 is failure to show documents and has 0 popints and a $150 fine plus costs about $180 or so.I did not think 3-29 has a subsection (c). I checked the statute to make sure and it is not there. That may be Metuchen speak for no insurance card. Sometimes the fine can be suspended. Metuchen is a fairly reasonable town but the suspended fine is unusual. Getting an attorney to save the fine is not worth it.


I agree. There is nothing for a prosecutor to downgrade this charge to and other than a defense such as, it was not you driving, there really isn't a defense to this charge. You either provided the correct document at the time it was requested or you didn't. This charge is only for not having the correct document on hand, not that you were uninsured.

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