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PDP Charge..

Lynnwood, WA |

What is the best/most likely way to get a deferred prosecution on a PDP charge when representing yourself? I cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

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Attorney answers 1


A deferred prosecution requires you to admit you are a drug addict and are wiling to go through two years of drug treatment in order to avoid being convicted of a simple misdemeanor. You are probably referring to a deferred sentence, which is completely different. I would never suggest you pursue a deferred prosecution on a charge like this.

The charge you are facing carries a mandatory minimum day in jail and a $250 fine, in addition to court costs, assessments and even a license suspension if you are under the age of 21.

Even if you cannot afford to retain a private attorney, you need to apply for a public defender who will be ale to determine your best defenses and try and avoid jail time or a drug related criminal conviction going on your permanent criminal record.