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Paying for the GAL in child custody case?

Virginia Beach, VA |

My income is very low, and I understand that the court may cover my share of the GAL. Will I need to provide financial records at the first hearing, or do I need to file anything prior to that?

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If your income is "very Low", the court could determine that it is not appropriate to assess any of the charge for the guardian ad litem against you. Assessment of the cost is done at the conclusion of the case. You do not need to file anything in advance, but you do need to advise the court of your financial situation. As always, documentation is helpful.


The court will usually appoint a GAL for the child in a custody case, depending on the circumstances. You will likely have to hire an attorney to represent you interests. Is this a removal case or are you petitioning for custody? My office is in Virginia Beach. If you think you need assistance, I would be happy to help.

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