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I borrowed 700.00 from American Web Loan (PAyday Loans). They told me they would draft 200.00 biweekly until paid off. They didn't tell me it doesn't apply towards the principal. So far I have paid 2400.00. They said either I pay 1000.00 in one lump sum or they will continue to draft may payments until the end of August 2013. A friend researched and told me they are illegal in the state of CA. If I close my account ant stop paying can they enter a judgment against me, me home, credit, or garnish my wages. Help, what are my rights?

Also, when I looked to check paperwork its nolonger availiable on the online account. Which they say is the only way to see them.

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I think at this point you should send them a letter, by US Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested, asking them for a copy of the contract which is no longer on line, a copy of your payment history, a copy of the interest rate disclosures, and the payoff balance and a regular address where payments can be sent. Also, put in your letter that you revoke permission to take funds from your account and they must stop taking the funds immediately. If they take money after they receive the letter, then you need to advise your bank that you have revoked permission and make a written stop with your bank to prevent any more funds from being taken. If they continue to take the funds after you withdrew permission, then they are violating the law for electronic transactions.

If they sue you, the documents they send you in response to your letter will be useful to show the court how much you have paid and that the interest rate they charged you was excessive and either illegal or should not be enforced as unconscionable. You should retain a lawyer for this, even though it does not seem like a large balance, because they will hire experienced debt collection lawyers who know ways to get the judge to give them a judgment for the full balance, if they are not dealing with an experienced debt collection defense attorney. They cannot garnish your wages until they get a judgment, which requires them to file a debt collection lawsuit and serve you with it. You must then act promptly to safeguard your rights to challenge the lawsuit. As I suggested, you would be better off with your own lawyer to challenge the case then to DIY this yourself.

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If you use an atty like Mr. Stempler the "bad guy" should end up paying most if not all of your atty fees. It is my understanding that loans for less than $2,500.00 have a maximum interest rate in CA at around 36% so this $2,400+ seems highly irregular.

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