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Pay child support but mother won't let father see child.

Kennewick, WA |

My boyfriend is a father of a little girl and pays child support to the mother. The mother refuses to let him have any visitation and they don't have a parenting plan. What are the fees involving a parenting plan and how do you go about getting one? He does not have a lot of money but he really wants to be able to see his daughter. How do we get visitation rights with little money?

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Without stating the obvioius, he needs a parenting plan. I assume this is a paternity case, i.e. the father and mother were never married. If his name appears on the birth certificate and/or he has filed an acknowledgement of paternity, he can file a "Petition for Establishment of Parenting Plan". The forms are on the Washington State Court website. However, I strongly advise him to retain an attorney who is familiar with family law in the county where he resides. Once he has a parenting plan, the mother cannot refuse to allow him to see his daughter or she is subject to a contempt of court motion. This is the best way to proceed.

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