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Path to Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident through military service?

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In brief, I have my bachelor's degree in engineering, but currently I am out of status. (over one year) I was on student visa. I would like to explore my options including military services and other possible ways to fix my current status. Thank you.

all my high school and college-level educations were received in the States.

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Try contacting a US military recruiter. They do have a number of different programs, but they must admit you.

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There may be some risk with being here on a student VISA. My advice is to actually hire an immigration lawyer, and figure out the safest path. A recruiter may or may not give you the 'best' information. There are ways to earn citizenship through the military, but I wouldn't take the 'advice' you get on Avvo as solid enough to embark on a risky endeavor like this without some concrete legal assurances from a hired attorney. The gamble could fail and you could find yourself in deep problems. I am not an immigration or Illinois attorney and have not offered legal advice. Best of luck.

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Out of status at present does not have any lawful right to legalize to LPR or USC by joining the US Armed Forces.

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There are programs for people with particular job skills or language skills in the military, however you must be in legal status to be admitted. Once you are enlisted, there is a fast tarck to U.S. citizenship and some other benefits to certain relatives. You would do best to consult privately with an attorney to see if there is any status available to you, and then see if the military is an option.

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