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Paternity testing

Richland, WA |

is it true that in the state of washington that if either parties file for paternity that the father has no right to see the child until the patnerty testing is done? because the father in this matter took me to court and asked for paternity testing to be done, but waited two weeks to give me the papers, and now the judge has said that the father gets to see his son this weekend, when the paternity testing hasn't came back to say that it is his child.

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Yes, but on the other hand he hasn't been excluded as the father, either.

Your duty right now is to comply with a facially valid court order. If the order says he sees his son, then you could be in trouble with the Court if you don't comply. This is called contempt.

Whether he's the dad or not is no longer the issue. Until the tests results are known he has residential time. Hope this helps, Elizabeth Powell

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