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Past employer has not sent information to fill out on COBRA Insurance. The qualifying event was May 31, 2013.

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I have yet to receive paperwork to fill out to get COBRA. The qualifying event which was the last day I was covered by AETNA Insurance was May 31, 2013. I notified the past employer and they sent me an e-mail telling me it was an oversight on their end and to wait until I hear from Paychex which I quess would be the plan administrator. That was June 25, 2013. Still, as of today, I have heard nothing. In the meantime, I was hospitalized for a heart condition. I also had to pay out of pocket for prescriptions. At this point, I dont even think I would be able to pay for the large premium required to maintain COBRA. Is there anything I can do to receive any damages at least get my hospital bills paid?

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If the employer failed to provide you notice of your rights under COBRA then you will probably ahve a claim against the employer for your medical bills. However, you cannot wait to see what they do. Sitting on this could lead to you loosing the ability to recover the costs you have incurred.

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