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Past due car payment, sent letter with payment plan and disclosure on check-- bank disputed and sent acct to collections.

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I pursued UCC3311 and the bank disputed saying it doesn't fit my situation. This part in particular: "Please also note that UCC § 3311 was enacted in 1992. This post-dates the 1987 enactment of California Civil Code § 1526, which allows a creditor to cross out a check's language purporting to create accord and satisfaction, cash the check, and still be entitled to go after the difference. A recent California court has resolved the conflict between UCC § 3311 and Civil Code § 1526. See Directors Guild of America v. Harmony Pictures 32 F. Supp.2d 1184 (C.D. Cal 1998), holding that the later-enacted statute, CC § 3311, controls, and a creditor's cashing of a check tendered for settlement effectuated an accord and satisfaction." Sending payments as outlined, need 3 weeks to bring acct current.

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I don't see why Commercial Code section 3311 doesn't apply to your payment plan, and apparently they haven't given you a reason or authority that says so either. I'd keep paying as agreed and put the restrictive endorsement on each payment check. If you're current in 3 weeks that's too quick for them to win a lawuit, although they can presumably bring one, but I think you'd have a defense to any claim of breach since they are accepting your checks.

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