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Passport Renewal with splitting names

Hopkins, MN |

My passport has the below name mentioned
Given Name : AA BB CC
SurName : <Blank>
It expires Sep 2014, hence want it to be renewed as I am travelling to India around April 2014.
My Visa has name
SurName - AA BB CC
Given Name - FNU

However, my I94 or Drivers license does not have FNU written on it. It has AA BB CC which is fine.

My questions are:
1. I need to apply for my passport renewal, I would want to split my name in the passport as
Given Name : AA
SurName : BB CC
Do I need to provide a newspaper advertisement for the same? Can I do it without an advertisement.
2. Would the new passport with split names cause any issues if I am extending my visa in future?
3. Since I am travelling to India for a vacation in April should I have passport valid till 6 months minimum?

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Is this a US passport? If not, then you're asking this question on the wrong forum.

If it is for an Indian passport ... talk to someone in the Indian government.

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Contact Indian embassy .

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