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Parking Tickets - City of Fort Lauderdale: Unlawful citations delinquent and causing vehicle registration suspension/hold.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Have a few of these tickets all from the same municipality that are rather old, unpaid, and holding up a registration renewal. The non payment has caused a hold or suspension of the registration requiring a satisfaction of the tickets prior to processing the vehicle registration.

I chose not to pay these citations as they were all unlawful. I had appealed all 3, intent to defend my own case and have them tossed, but ended up in the hospital for months. I don't know what happened during the down time, possible fail to appear, does that even exist with parking?

I still want to fight these but registration is expired. How do the registration holds/suspensions work? Are they county specific? If I attempted to renew in another county would they still see the hold/suspension from FTL?

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1) You missed court and you lost your hearing.

2) You can apply for reconsideration or retrial, but the Court is under no obligation to grant you the same.

3) DMV controls the administrative suspension of your ability to re-register your vehicle and they will not - under any circumstances whatsoever - permit you to do so until they receive compliance documents from the complaining authority (whatever municipality that issued them).

4) You cannot avoid the suspension by county-shopping. It is a State wide system.

5) Even if the municipality does grant you new hearings on all 3 unpaid, delinquent and defaulted citations you will almost certainly spend more time, money and aggravation then you will if you merely pay them.

6) Illegal or not if you continue to park where you get cited then you are poking the bear... which is almost never a good move... so, once you re-register, park somewhere else... lawfully.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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Thanks for the response and extremely thoroughly answering my question. Extremely thorough and eloquent response.


Vehicle registration is overseen by the State of Florida, not any county The unpaid parking tickets were transmitted to the DHSMV in Tallahassee, so going to another county will not help you.
While aggravating and unfair, it will probably be cheaper and less stress if you just paid the parking citations.

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Thanks for the response and directly answering my question.


Get an attorney on your side. It looks like there is a lot of work for the attorney to do.

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