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Parking notice: is this a ticket?

Garden Grove, CA |

I received a parking notice that says there is a violation for parking in a red zone. The notice has the "warning", "final notice" "violation" boxes checked and it says subject to tow and fine. Is this a ticket or will I be receiving a ticket?

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That sounds like a warning. It is not uncommon, however, to receive the actual ticket later in the mail. If you do receive a ticket, it will notify you of the fine, the due date and where you would need to go to challenge it.


It does sound like a warning. Call the telephone number listed to find out for sure.


This ticket looks like it was issued as a warning ticket. If it is a real ticket you will (should) get one in the mail. It will be mailed to the last address the DMV has for that car. You should keep on top of this. Call the number listed on the ticket to verify.

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