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Parking in fire lane, contesting parking ticket in raleigh NC

Raleigh, NC |

The following occurred in Raleigh, NC. was given a parking ticket in front of a store for "parking in a fire lane." There are no signs and no markings on the pavement stating no parking or that it is a fire lane. It is marked on the pavement that it is a parcel pick-up lane. I have started the appeal process, what do you think my chances are of having this dismissed?


Update: Oct. 1, 2008. I phoned the "Park Raleigh" office to inquire about the status of my appeal. They are supposed to send a letter within 10 days of receiving the appeal. After a month waiting I decided I better call. They have no record of the citation. Perhaps the officer did not submit the citation. They told me not to worry about it.

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I am not an attorney in North Carolina, but you might consider consulting with an attorney in Raleigh about such a ticket. You might find out what the definition of a "fire lane" is in North Carolina and in Raleigh. Not every citation requires express notice, but with parking violations there should generally be some sort of indication of what conduct is prohibited.