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Parenting Plan: Washington and Arizona

Spokane, WA |

Non custodial parent lives in Arizona. Custodial parent lives in Washington.
Parenting plan said that non custodial parent got every other weekend and part of one day during a week for visitation. Every other birthday depending on even/odd year. Holidays were alternating. Children are 11 and 13.

Now the non custodial parent lives in Arizona.
What is normal for visitation?

Both parents have re-married. Does this change the Child Support costs? How much percent is the cost of child support for the two children living in Washington? Non custodial parent only has his income. Custodial parent has her income, husbands income, and her husbands child (living with them) income coming into the household. Non custodial parent pays all medical, dental, and vision insurance. Custodial parent pays the co-pays for the visits and other doctor bills if relevent. i would think that the non custodial parents payments of around $900 or so each month is high and should go down.

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The PP is still in full force and effect no matter where non-custodial parent lives. If non-custodial parent wants to to change the PP to reflect current circumstance, he/she can do so by filing a Petition to modify the PP in Wa. state.

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I agree with what you said. We are going to mediation to change the PP and was wondering what I should expect the changes to be for visitation and the Child Support going down vs the added income the custody parent's houshold income going up.

Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins


No way to tell -- child support is based on a formula that considers both parents income and fluctuates based upon that income and the age of the children. Income of new spouses is not factored into the equation.

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