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Parental Rights regarding 16 year old daughter

Seattle, WA |

My daughter is turning 16 next week and seems to be well aware of what she can "get away with" legally. For example, her 16 year old friend ran away from home, and if the police had found her, they would not have been obligated to tell her parents where she was since she was 16. Is there a website or resource I can access to see what my rights are as a parent under Washington state law?

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i don't know of such a website. however, off the top of my head, here are some of her rights:

drive, subject to certain restrictions
file a child in need of services petition with DSHS / juvenile court
have an abortion
have a guardian ad litem in a dependency proceeding

smoke / drink
skip school
violate local curfew ordinances
loiter / trespass



Here you go: