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Parent's liability for 18 year old son

Jacksonville, FL |

My 18 year old son moved from our home in GA to FL. He arranged temporary residence with a 17 year old friend's parents home. When he left GA, we signed the title to his truck to him with the expectation that he would transfer the title to his name in FL. I maintained my auto insurance coverage on the truck until he could get his own policy. After arriving in FL and before he transferred the title to his name, he found someone who wanted to trade vehicles with him. They traded titles. I canceled the insurance on his truck and obtained coverage for the car on my insurance policy with him being the titled owner. He failed to have the title transferred to his name. Within two weeks of obtaining the car, he and the 17 year old friend were in an accident and they both died. It is suspected that they were drinking. Can the 17 year old's parent's sue me for anything? Did I assume any personal responsibility by having him on my insurance policy?

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Sorry to hear that you lost your son. I don't believe the parents of the 17 year old have a valid claim against you as a parent. From the description you provided it appears that the vehicle was titled in either his name or the prior owners name. If the vehicle was not titled in your name then I don't see where you would be liable. If the vehicle was titled in your name then you would be liable under Florida's Dangerous Instrumentality doctrine and not because he is your son.

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