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Parent against grandparent visitation rights?

Rialto, CA |

I recently cut off visitation with my sons grandma, uncle, and aunt. Ive been allowing visits since the father passed away 5 years ago. Until recently my son has opened up and has told me that these people have been telling him bad things about me including not to listen to me, and to call 911 immediately if i ever hit or "slap" him. My son has came home emotionally disturbed and confused from their home. I ended visitation when my son said."I dont wanna see them today mommy because all they do is talk about you." They filed for a court hearing which is in a week. I feel like my parental rights are being violated. Is there any way I can win this? I really cant afford an attorney. Will they get visits even if I believe its not in the best interest of my son?

His family does not like me whatsoever because 5 years ago I was involved in a self defense case with my sons father. His family has hate towards me because they think he was innocent. And I believe that they have always wanted to try to take my son away from me as revenge.

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You are the parent and you are in the drivers seat. The Judge could give the grandparents visitation, but usually that is up to you as the parent. If you cannot get an attorney, this will be tough on you, but you just have to do the best you can.

If you can afford an attorney, even if only to draft the initial motion papers, you should find the money.

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