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Paid under the table then fired accused of stealing employer wont pay me and is telling all customers im a thief. Legal?

Dacula, GA |

Worked in gas station employer accused me with no evidence of stealing gas and cash. He wont pay me my wages and is telling a majority of customers i am a thief. And when he fired me him and wife would not let me leave building they made me stay and were yelling very loud at me in the store with customers around that im a thief, and they are putting me in jail. They are still telling customers that i stole money making me look bad to the small town community where i live. What can. I do?

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I highly suggest you consult with an attorney immediately. Based on the brief information you've provided, your former employer seems to have violated wage and hour laws, and may even be liable to you under tort law. You should consult with an attorney in your state immediately.


I agree with the prior response. I think you have a wage and hour claim. If you have any questions, contact me. Good luck.


Your wage claim might be the only thing worth pursuing. I know what you are thinking about, a defamation claim. In reality, they can be a double-edged sword because when you sue for defamation you create a case where an issue that will be addressed is, 'are you a thief?' The fact that you aren't one may get lost in the process as you create the incentive for your formed employer to try to prove you stole. It's not likely to be a very satisfying outcome, even if you win. See if you can get some compensation out of the employer and that may be the best you can do.