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PA penalties for letting an unlicensed driver drive your car?

Pittsburgh, PA |

My husbands mother allows her daughter to driver her car knowing that she isn't licensed. First off the car was registered under the mothers name because the daughter has DUI s and would of needed a breathalyser kit so they registered it in the mothers name. The vehicle is also unregistered and uninspected. We have been trying to convince his mother to put the car into the sisters name because I'd she wrecks it his mother could lose everything. She just won't believe us or do anything about it. What could we tell her to hopefully get her to understand the consequences that she could face for allowing her daughter to drive this car. Yes, she still drinks and drives the vehicle.

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You are giving good advice. She should not let an unlicensed driver drive her car. The registration and insurance issues just add to the problems. Feel free to reach out to our firm to discuss in greater detail. But the short answer is tell her to stop allowing illegal activity in her car.


An unlicensed driver should not be driving the vehicle. There are also financial responsibility laws in your jurisdiction. In the even of an accident, the registered owner may have liability for knowingly allowing an unlicensed drunk driver to drive the vehicle. You should contact a local lawyer for more specific advice.


This is tough. I would sit down and have a conversation with your husband's mother about letting her daughter (your sister-in-law?) drive the vehicle. If you are seriously concerned about the safety of others, you can always contact local law enforcement - but then you risk having criminal charges filed against your potential sister-in-law as well as the mother. I would not recommend taking that course of action.


Civilly she could face a claim of negligent entrustment if she is involved in an accident and causes property damage or injures someone. You're right to be concerned.


Very bet is to call the police next time as more importantly...she puts others at risk.

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