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PA can I sue cps for filing false abuse reports and testimony

Emmaus, PA |

cps was in my home i complied with everything and even had a good 6 month assesment report.5 weeks later i went to the hospital for DKA diabeticketoacidosis.The caseworker called my dad who watching my girls,and told him to get them ready for their mom to come pick them up from FL and if he didnt comply they would be taken to the state.When I got out of the hospital and called them they told me the case was closed and that it was a custody issue now.I have custody. I filed a motion to compel return of children in fl and judge was going to return girls per order but couldnt cause caseworker testified that i was in an alcohol induced coma.I still have custody but have to go to court to try to get them back.I have indisputable false reports made to cover it up.drugs/alcohol in hospital NONE!

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CPS is general immune from suit. You may file a complaint internally if a caseworker has created false documents or otherwise violated the rules of her employment. But from the facts as you give them above, it does indeed look like you are in a custody case now.