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Owners responsibility of their personal property left someone residence

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if an owner left their property at their parents house when they joined the military, is it the parent/responsibility to secure it? Also while at home on military leave, he noticed that some of his property was missing, knowing that it is a possibility that it could happen again, he continued to leave his property behind. At what point do/or he should take possession of his items to prevent them from possibly being stolen again. Am I consider fully liable for a lawsuit that he filed the parent stating that due to the parent negligence his items were stolen? The parent negligence is that the room was not kept locked while he was away. Also since he has joined the Army full-time is his parents home or the room that he occupies only when visiting still considered his home?

The son did file the lawsuit. No the son has never paid rent and has now been in the Army for over 4 years now. Is the parent considered liable in this matter?

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This is tricky. Did son file a lawsuit against parent? Did son ever pay rent? I'm thinking that if son is in the Army, he should have make sure possessions were stored properly. Now that parents know there is a problem, maybe they can move their son's possessions to a more secure area - perhaps a locked closet.

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