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Overstay of b1/b2 visa after visa expired and now married to a USC

Houston, TX |

I have overstayes my b1/b2 visa for 6 months. I just got married to my USC wife. Now i want to file in for permanent residence. Please what are my chances of it being denied or approved considering i have stayed illegal in the US for 6 months after my visa expired. Please help. Thanks

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The U.S. Government will forgive the fact that you are out of status if you are seeking adjustment of status based upon marriage to a U.S. citizen.

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You have nothing to worry about. Spouses of US citizens are considered "immediate relatives" and as such are not expected to maintain status. You will not Be penalized for having fallen out of status, or having worked without USCIS authorization.

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Zero. You cannot be denied for overstaying your visa.

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Your overstay alone will have no effect on your ability to adjust your status although some officers may ask questions relating to immigrant intent.


The overstay is not a factor.

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