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Out of state fishing ticket for no fishing license

Clinton, IL |

I went to Illinois (I am not a resident in Illinois) last week visiting my friends and got a fishing ticket for no fishing licence. No court appearance required. If I plea guilty and pay the fine, is this violation going to be on my record? This is my first time of fishing and do not know I need to obtain a licence... can my case be dismissed if I buy a non-resident fishing license now? Are there any other way to get this problem solved because I do not really want to drive a long distance to appear in court.

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Thiis is a petty offense and will not show up on your record. Just pay the fine. In the future, you need to know that both hunting and fishing licenses are always required, regardless of your residence or location.


All states that I know require a fishing license for season.

Not knowing the law is not a defense.

This is not a misdeameanor criminal charge that will appear on a criminal background check.


This is a petty offense. I'm sure of that as no appearance is required. If this were a misdemeanor you would be required to appear at each court date. You can mail in the fine for supervision and move on. This will not go on your criminal record. Lesson learned the hard way. Pay the money by mail and move on.

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If there is any possible way pleading guilty will impact your career or livelihood then consider buying the out of state license and show up for court. No promises but it likely would be dropped. (I've waited in court for 2 hours waiting on the felony call before while unregistered dog owners had court dates and were fined). Your unlicensed fishing ticket is comparable by importance.

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