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Out of state DUI in PA... what happens to MD driver's license?

Baltimore, MD |

For a DUI in Pennsylvania I will have driving privileges suspended in PA for 60 days as a part of the ARD program (charges will be dismissed after completing the 6 month program). What will happen to my Maryland driver's license? Will Maryland suspend my license due to DLC/NRVC even with the ARD disposition?

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Possibly. Just make sure the licensing authority has your current address so you will receive any notices sent to you.


Yes it is possible MD will suspend your license if/when it learns of the PA suspension of your privilege there. Be sure to reinstate your privilege to drive in PA as soon as the suspension is over. You may also have to reinstate in MD if they suspend there.

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The answer is in two parts. If PA suspends your driving privilege Maryland probably will not learn of it unless your Maryland license is due to renew during the period of suspension or if you applied to replace your Maryland license. Be sure to clear any suspension before either of these events in Maryland.

If you are convicted in PA and if PA reports the conviction to Maryland, the MVA will send you a notice of intend to revoke your license. Make sure the MVA has a good address for you because the MVA will send notice and you have the right to request a hearing to contest the revocation.


This will depend on whether or not a judgment is stayed pending the end of your 6 month probationary period. Assuming that no judgment is entered, rather than a guilty finding that is later stricken, then Maryland may never get a report of the DUI in PA. However, if a DUI conviction is entered until the end of the 6 month period, then it is likely Maryland will receive a report and will issue an offer for an MVA hearing to avoid suspension in Maryland. Contact an attorney if you receive any notices from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.