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Our Florida home was turned over to a Oklahoma company yesterday and saying they need not get eviction notice through court.

Lehigh Acres, FL |

This was because we could not afford to pay taxes and it was sold at auction. Do my daughter and I have any extra time? I know we have been slow because we are unemployed and do not have any money.

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How do they plan on getting you out without an eviction? Dragging you out by your collars? In Florida you cannot be forced out of your residence without legal process which means a court ordered eviction enforced by the sheriff. They cannot use force. Only the sheriff can use force in executing a court order. That takes time and legal process. It could be done through an action in ejectment or through a writ of eviction served on you by the sheriff. You have some time but probably not a lot.

Good luck to you.

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They have to follow the law on evictions to have your removed from the property.

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