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Other than appeal is there any other way to get my son out of prison after 11 years?

Rhome, TX |

My son received 60 years at the age of 17 , a first time offence, for injury to a child serious bodily injury. He pled guilty before a judge no jury and he has been in Huntsville for 11 years with possible parole in 30. He had a pro bono attorney for trial then a court appointed for his appeal. I then paid an attorney to see if he could find anything to appeal and he said he found nothing. Isn't there anything I can do to get him out on some kind of suspended sentence with strict guidlines. He was 17 and bypolor at the time, a kid that thought he was grown up and knew everything. At 29 he has grown more, but what is he learning more from....harden criminals or hard work? He never had a chance to live any kind of life and won't if I can't get him out. He's quite a young man now.

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Options would include Post-Conviction proceedings or seeking a pardon from the Governor. Speak with a criminal defense attorney in your area to find out whether these might be worth pursuing.


Another option is a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Writs are used to challenge a plea or conviction even after appeals have been exhausted.