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Other than a restraining order, what can I do to stop my mother from harrassing me?

Beverly Hills, FL |

My 17 yo daughter met a 22 yo man online and ran away with him to my mother's house 1200 miles away. I discovered that my mother was the one who helped arrange this and permitted my daughter to have sex with a grown man. Police were called but my daughter refused to come home. My mother went to court and took custody of my daughter and MY state allowed it. For this past year, my mother and my now 18 yo daughter have been constantly harrassing me with nasty phone calls, threats, text messages, etc. My mother called the IRS and had me and my wife audited. My mother, who lives 1200 miles from me, called the police and made false reports on me and my wife. And to top it all, I am forced to pay my mother hundreds in child support. She is now harrassing my wife's mother for money.

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Sounds like a family nightmare. It is a shame you can not reconcile family differences without the courts but it appears that is unlikely. You could file a police report if you have proof of stalking and it is possible to get an injunction but if she lives out of state it may be hard for a judge to grant the injunction. I would get help from a domestic lawyer to assist you.

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