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Oregon renters rights, landlord selling house

Hillsboro, OR |

we found out that our landlord is selling the house and we still have a lease till the end of july but the realitor is showing the house now i understand they can show it but cleaning it but they want us to vacate the house when they show it for a period of an hour when ever they show it where is our right in that i have two small children it its hard to get them in and out of the house and its spring and rainy out. Do we have the right to say we arent leaving or do we have to

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They do have certain rights of access, but you should not have to leave, or do anything special, except as the lease may provide. And, you have a right to stay to the end of your lease (and any option) if you comply with your obligations (unless,of course, you agreed to some special termination clause).

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