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Oregon lawyers?

Eugene, OR |

When will Avvo include lawyers from the state of Oregon?

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Oregon is a key market for Avvo and we expect to be there sometime next year. Combined with the feedback we’ve received from lawyers and consumers that they wanted more opportunities to upload content (such as cases and questions/answers), we decided to prioritize these features over launching in new states.

Thanks for your interest in Avvo. Hang in there - we will be in Oregon soon!

CEO, Avvo

p.s. Good luck to your Ducks!!


I would also like to mention that Avvo should include a ratings forum for Judges and Magistrates in each state.[ Both Federal and State Courts] So often, many of the parties appearing in an action, as well as their attorneys, have NO IDEA what kind of judge they will be appearing in front of. In this fast changing world, transparency is key to shepparding a case properly through the legal system and knowing about the judge is one of the most critical aspects of that process.

I would hope that Avvo would develop a companion site to answer these questions for the public, because these public servants make the ultimate decisions in the lives of the litigants before them.


Craig - Thanks for your suggestion. It is something we may do in the future, but right now we are supremely focused on helping consumers choose the right lawyer. If we are successful in this, they will most likely be served by a lawyer that is familiar with the judges of the relevant system. The lawyer can then help the new client understand who the judge is and how he or she might affect the outcome of the client's case.

Please keep the suggestions coming. It is through thoughtful suggestions such as this that we will continue to make Avvo great.




We are now in Oregon (as of last week)

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