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Order of Protection for Verbal Abuse

Richmond, VA |

I split with my boyfriend many months ago, and so far we've been handling the custody issue in a rather loose way (the child lives with me and my ex will occasionally contact me when he wants to spend a couple of hours with him). My ex's behavior is getting increasingly erratic and controlling. He's hit me in the past (at least 2 years ago) but recently has damaged my property. I'd like to have a legal custody order put in place., but I'm afraid of the blowback from my ex when he's served papers. He's threatened me in the past about going through the courts and has access to my house. I understand the concept of a protective order, but can that apply to a situation where I'm afraid he'll destroy my things and only harass and abuse me verbally?

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You should consult local counsel with experience in these cases.

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