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ORC 4511.19A1A

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I was charged with OVI and am confused by the codes. On the paper the arresting officer gave me, it lists the charge as 4511.19A1A. On the paper I received from the court for the pre trial, it says Action Code 4511.1911_A. I was wondering if this is the same thing or if it is an error on their end.

Thank you for your help.

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If you did not submit to a BAC test of any type, submitte to a test and either tested under the legal limit or are awaiting the results, the correct code section is 4511.19(A) (1) (a)


The paper you received from the court does not likely mean anything. There are certain codes that are entered into courts databases different ways. What is most important is what the officer wrote on the ticket, because that is the notice of what charges you are facing. Now is the time to contact a DUI ( OVI ) Defense Attorney to begin planning your defense. If you refused a Breath test, there are many defenses to that scenario. But, you need to contact an Attorney that focuses on DUI and OVI Defense. Feel free to call my office to get a referral to an OVI lawyer in your area.

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Just sounds like a typo from the clerk's end. Nothing critical. A1A is the correct section.