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Or sports fees, cell phones, school fees, schools activies fees a part of child support or extras? Is it in print in anywhere?

Colorado Springs, CO |

I don't want to ask for more then I should, but I don't want to not have what my son needs. I want it in writing so there is not question about what the answer are for both of us.

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I'm assuming you have a divorce decree that maps out child support obligations. If that is true, that is the document which determines if those fees are included within child support or education. If such fees are not specifically discussed, then you might consider modifying the decree to the extent that those fees are covered (either included or not included in child support) as your ex spouse and you can agree or the court will order.

You should check with a CO family law attorney to help you and discuss your options, but my hunch is that rarely are those fees included in the decree because people don't see that far into the future when the decree is first made and you can't always anticipate how those fees will change.

If I am correct, that this is part of divorce decree, maybe the first step is to see if you and your ex spouse can agree on sharing these expenses. If not, then you may need help from the court.

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