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OPT expiring in Oct and do not have a job yet. Can I go to India and then apply for H4 at US Consulate in India?

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Hello Sir/Madam,
I came to the US on H4, then I changed to F1 and it is stamped on my passport. Now, I do not have a full time job yet. I am planning on going to India in Nov, can I apply for H4 at US consulate in India once I am there. Or should I apply for H4 before my OPT expires and while I am already here in US.

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Assuming you are related to someone holding H-1B status, then it may be possible to apply for an H-4 visa.

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You get 60 days grace after OPT expires. By then you will leave, so apply for H-4 visa. If you apply for COS and then leave, it will be considered abandoned.

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If you already have plans to depart the U.S. to visit India, you may as well request the H-4 status at the U.S. consulate. There is no need to file the FORM I-539 in the U.S. to request the change of status from F-1 to H-4.

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