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Opposing Counselor's Xenophobic Discovery Questions

Falls Church, VA |

My divorce has been finalized but my wife's attorney did not spare an occasion to demean me or my faith. One of his Discovery questions was: " Do you as a Muslim believe that it is the Duty of each Muslim to engage in Jihad?". In another instance, he told me in person and in front of my lawyer that he was going to crucify me and bury me. He later aplogized to my lawyer via email for the comments. Another Discovery question was: " Were you not diagnosed with a Personality Disorder that requires you to be on Medication?" During my deposition, he insinuated that there was something inappropriate due to me sharing the same bedroom with my three boys. None of his fallacies prevailed or came up during trial, but I would like to explore any and all possible legal remedies.

During trial, his opening statement included an assertion that I was not born or raised in the US and therefore I do not know how to treat a woman. The Judge did warn him about his personalized attacks on me and he did tone the rhetoric significantly. He had corresponded with my lawyer at one time asserting that my three kids hate me and that my name (Hatem) fits with my kids animosity towards me. I have all his hateful correspondence with my lawyer plus I have the transcripts of the trial. I would like to hold this individual liable to the fullest extent of the law (ethically, morally, financially) so he cannot pursue this approach with anyone else in the future.

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Presumably, your lawyer objected to the demeaning questions; one can also seek sanctions (while the case is still active). Unfortunately, the practice of law attracts a few incredibly nasty people (with their own personality disorders - for which medication does nothing), who use their misanthropic or sociopathic tendencies in a manner that is generally accepted within their profession.

Some of the questions posed are arguably (at least distantly) related to fault divorce issues or custody, although there is some irony in this emotional terrorist asking if you are a supporter of terrorism. People like this are reinforced and pleased by the knowledge that they got into your head. Don't let him succeed.