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Open records request for video footage in Texas of car accident on Dallas North Tollroad which resulted in my arrest.

Dallas, TX |

I requested footage of my accident on the North Texas Tollroad, which is managed by the NTTA, they forwarded me to the arresting officer and said they had no issues with the DPS releasing my footage. The Trooper told me they had already forwarded the video to the DA with the case report, but my best bet was to make an Open Records Request to the Public Information Office.

The Public Info Office told me to contact the NTTA, I told them how I had & they told me to contact the trooper who advised me to make this Open Records Request.

Next Public Info Office told me I should contact the DA as suggested and the PIO was separate from the NTTA & the DA. They also mentioned the City of Dallas does not retain this information.

Does all of this sound correct or was somebody, perhaps me, mistaken?

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You should let your lawyer handle getting a copy of the video. They always give citizens, and especially accused people, the runaround.

Cynthia Henley


Time to talk with a local attorney.

Good luck.

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If a trooper investigated the accident, you should be able to obtain the full accident investigation report from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The trooper likely obtained a copy of the video from NTTA and it should be in the investigation file. If you try to get it from NTTA, you will probably continue to get the "runaround" about how you can actually obtain the video. Here is the link to the public information request on the DPS' website:

Hope this helps--good luck!

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You should immediately consult with a local criminal defense attorney to help unravel what sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare.


A local lawyer can easily get the footage.

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I would strongly urge you to contact a local attorney to represent you and advocate on your behalf. He or she should be able to get the footage.


In these situations you can not do an Open Records Request because the state will see it as an attempt to bypass the discovery process of the criminal courts. If you've been charged with a crime, you'll have to wait and get the video from the DAs office.

If it is for a civil suit too, the video will not be released by DPS until the criminal matter is concluded. Hire an attorney on your criminal case and they will be able to view the video. Good luck and feel free to contact me to discuss your options.

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