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Open Container Ticker, failure to pay warrant for arrest. How do I clear this up?!

Boston, MA |

I was one of the 560 individuals who received tickets for an open container in Hoboken, NJ on St. Patty's day 2007. I was 26 at the time and on my neighbor's front stoop with an empty cup that was previous full of beer. I received a ticket that claimed it was a $250 fine and mandatory court date. I appeared in court and they threatened me (and others) of jail time in the event that we plead 'not guilty'... I was intimidated and plead guilty, only to be slapped with a $1000 fine. I never paid the fine and now have a NJ warrant out for my arrest.

How do I clear this up? What legal issues am I facing in my homestate (MA)? And any idea as to what this might cost??

Thank yoU!

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Sounds like an outrageous fine, and plea.
You need to pay the fee, and when you get the money, go to court with the money to pay it off;

Conversely, contact a NJ criminal defense attorney.


You need to contact a lawyer in the county where you owe the fine. There is probably a warant for your arrest. You could get pcked up here in MA and even held until they check and find out how minor it is. The problem is that they won't know that it is minor until after you are sitting in a cell for a while. Go on the internet, get a NJ lawyer and get it straightened out on your terms before you have to straighten it out on someone else's terms.



You should contact a lawyer that practices regularly in Hoboken, they are the ones who know NJ law and also know what the consequences are of your failing to appear. Technically, if you get arrested or stopped and it shows up on your record, they could hold you and transport you to NJ. That would not be fun. I suggest you try to get this resolved as soon as possible.